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Woodwind Repairs

Playing Condition: Playing condition or other woodwind work, such as dent work, neck/mouthpiece cork replacement, soldering, crack repair, extensive key fitting, tenon grafts, tone hole replacement, key making, or custom modifications, is done by estimate only.

Woodwind Re-pads:
 Your instrument is examined for cracks (wood instruments), key action, spring tension, and post alignment. All keys, rods, and screws are removed from the body. All pads, corks, and felts are removed from the keys. Keys are degreased and ultrasonically cleaned. Bodies are cleaned and flushed (wood instruments are hand cleaned). Keys are fitted with premium grade pads. Tenon corks are replaced with real cork, and all key corks are custom made. After assembling, pads are leveled and seated. The key action is regulated, and the instrument is play tested. The case and mouthpiece are also cleaned and sanitized. Flute re-pads include a light hand polish. All re-pads include one year of IMC maintenance coverage.


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