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Rental Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Rental FAQs to explain our program in depth.

How does IMC’s rental program work?

Our rental program is rent-to-own. 100% of your rental payments are applied to the purchase of the instrument you’re renting. All maintenance required to keep your instrument in excellent playing condition is included in your monthly rental fee. There are NO additional fees for maintenance (which do not apply to purchase).

What is the difference between a New instrument and a Premium Used instrument?

A new instrument is one that has never been played. The instrument is checked over to make sure it is in proper working order, stocked with the necessary supplies, and then delivered to you. A premium used instrument is an instrument that has been previously rented. All returned instruments go through our repair shop to be thoroughly cleaned and inspected. Any defects, such as worn or ripped pads, sticky valves, or bent slides, are repaired to return the instrument to excellent playing condition. Rental returns may have minor cosmetic issues such as scratches or slightly worn lacquer. Once the instrument has been inspected, we stock the case with supplies and the instrument is ready to go!

How long is my rent-to-own contract?

Instruments are rented on a month-to-month basis and may be returned at any time. New or premium used instruments that are rented for 36 consecutive months become yours to keep. Percussion kits and Orchestral instruments are 12 months rent to own.

What supplies will I receive with my rental instrument?

All supplies needed to get started are included with your rental instrument. This includes cases, reeds, swabs, mouthpieces, rosins, and drum sticks/mallets.

Am I locked into the entire contract?

You may return your rental instrument at any time. There are no early termination fees. You may return an instrument directly to our store, or call us and have our sales representative pick it up from your school.

What if my child decides to switch instruments?

No problem! IMC will apply rent already paid to a different rent-to-own instrument. *Please note that rent-to-own purchase prices vary from instrument to instrument, so the rent applied will be prorated when switching to a less expensive instrument. For example, if an alto saxophone is twice as much as a clarinet, the rent applied would be half. If you’re interested in switching instruments, feel free to give us a call for more information.


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